Slow ride

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WHO ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE WHO WALK SLOW THROUGH TOWN! Dont they know that like, the whole WORLD is trying to get past them! A familiar situation to us all. You are in a cheek shaking rush pacing through the street when all of a sudden,,,POW! you run into a slow-rider. Slow riders usually travel in groups as it makes it more impossible to overtake them. Also you then feel guilty for overtaking them even though you have been stuck behind their SLOW PACED CRAWLING for the past 5mins so you speed up to look as if you have just entered the scene at a fast rate of speed. To all these people i say,,SPEED UP IDIOTS.

Hint – its easy to come across an old syringe nowadays so why not carry on you a shot of high performance energy drink so you can secretly inject these idiots in the back to give them that little “umph” to get there speed up a few miles more per hour.

A certain song springs to mind in dilemmas such as these… Slow ride by Foghat  stick that in your engine and rev it!!!!


The Abbots rd Patriach

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I am a regular just like you. I don’t have millions of pounds, rich parents or expensive cloths, honestly,,,i’m just like you. I have to endure things day after day just like you and i devote this page to our complaints. Tell me planet Earth! WHAT DO YOU HATE!?!?


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A tribute ladies and gentlemen, to the very things that make up our society but at the same time slowly carve an insidious urge to kill into your every day life. Lets take a look at some of those things.


number 1….

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Babies in a cinema!

Ok we’ve all been there. Its like just after noon, you’ve been in town and think it’ll be a good idea to catch a good film before you go home. Or it might even be a rare occasion such as a Birthday but that little brat doesn’t care! And its not like it’s he’s fault. Who are these idiots that bring babies into the cinemas! What, do they think that infants that age will be able to understand something like Inception or the new Planet of the Apes!?! And then when they do start crying and everybody in the cinema is looking at them they give you that look as if to say “Yeah, its a baby,,,babies cry there’s nothing i can do about it.” Well there is!!


Stop being a moron and hire a babysitter for like two hours or something! Y’know what, y’know what,,,CALL ME! I’ll look after the brat so that others can watch a decent film without having to look at the ceiling and trying not to throw their 45oz Coke all over you you idiot! Ill take one for the team Planet Earth!!